Continuing with our Croatia travel tips series we hope to help you get the best from your holidays in Croatia. Every country has its cheap but good eateries…

Even though the name might sound fancy (and expensive), this is actually a very budget-friendly place in the centre where you can try local specialties, such as ox tongue, blood sausage, or various daily meals, all in generous quantities.

This true local eatery has some of the best home cooking you’ll find in town, so it’s no wonder that it’s chock-a-block at lunchtime for its gableci (traditional lunches).

Zlatna dolina će vas u strogom centru metropole dočekati velikim dubokim tanjurima krcatim varivima i drugim specijalitetima kak su jeli naši stari. Ukratko, gablec za ozbiljne gurmane!

Vallis Aurea je obiteljski ugostiteljski objekt sa 21-godišnjom tradicijom. Svoju gastro ponudu oduvijek su bazirali na hrvatskim tradicionalnim jelima.